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Our company is located in the beautiful town of Biella, at the foot of the Alps.
The town counts 44.998 inhabitants and it is 72 km far from Turin, 86 km from Aosta, 100 km from Milan and 115 km from Lugano.
Biella’s origins trace back to the Middle Ages; it is a fascinating and historical place that during the 19th century has experienced a great industrial and urban growth, becoming a well-known textile district.


Biella’s economy is traditionally connected to the textile sector and in particular to the wool industry (the first wool factories were founded in 1835). Among the most important brands, we can mention: Ermenegildo Zegna, Loro Piana, Lanificio Fratelli Cerruti, F.lli Piacenza and Filatura di Pollone S.p.A.
Here you can also find Menabrea, one the most ancient Italian beer factories (founded in 1846).
Furthermore, during the Second World War, Biella has been a vital site for the production of Piaggio’s machineries: the original prototype of “Vespa”, a real Italian icon, was designed here in 1944.

Landscape and monuments

Sightseeing are: Piazzo (XV century), a medieval village, Battistero (X-XI century), Santo Stefano’s Cathedral and Ricetto di Candelo, an ancient medieval suburb.
Oropa’s Sanctuary is a spiritual place and a pilgrimage destination.
If you are looking for relax, green areas and sport, you may consider Burcina’s park, a natural reserve, or the skiing center of Bielmonte.
If you are interested in modern architecture, you can visit Boglietti Palace, a cultural center.