Tungsten carbide machining

Novutensil is specialized in the machining of mechanical particulars and hard metal (tungsten carbide/WIDIA) tools; this material is used for mechanical machining, produced by a sintering process and characterized by an extreme hardness.

Our core-business is represented by mechanical machining according to our customers ‘drawings. We focus on the special: cutters, drills, reamers, shaped knives, blades, drifts, little knives, razors, tip dressers, special equipment, supports for CBN/BORAZON mounting for finishing operations, “posalux”, flanges and rings, mechanical clamping tools (such as special tool holders for parting, cutting, grooving, creation of reliefs, turning, boring, insert drills and cutters), inserts, etc.

We also offer various machining e.g. grinding, polishing, wire EDM, mechanical clamping, re-sharpening, braze-welding, turning, milling, coating and laser marking. Fields of application are for e.g.: automotive, aeronautics, textile industry, leather industry, wood industry, jewelry, etc